Photos of Oxford
Photos of Oxford

The BSPR's Fourteenth Conference

Knowledge, Belief and Faith


1-3 September, 2022


Oriel College, Oxford

Keynote Speakers:


Maria Rosa Antognazza (King's College London)

Lara Buchak (Princeton University)

Michael Scott (University of Manchester)

Peter Adamson (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich)

Call for Papers:


Those interested in presenting a short paper should send a proposal of no more than 250 words in a Word document to Dr Tasia Scrutton ( earlier than 4th January 2022 and no later than 31st March 2022. Please include the paper's title, and your name, institutional affiliation, and email address (these are not included in the 250 word word limit). We expect to notify people about whether their proposals have been accepted by 30th April 2022.


Some partial bursaries may be available for participants who do not have another source of funding for attending the conference, with preference for these given to those who are presenting a paper. If you anticipate being in need of a bursary, please indicate this in your submission.




Twenty-Third Conference of

the European Society for Philosophy of Religion


God, Time, and Change


3-6 September, 2022


Oriel College, Oxford


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Dr. T. Ryan Byerly
Department of Philosophy
University of Sheffield
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