Photos of Oxford
Photos of Oxford

The BSPR’s Fifteenth Conference

Love, Religion, and God

31st August – 2nd September, 2023


Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford


Keynote Speakers:

Fiona Ellis (University of Roehampton)

Talbot Brewer (University of Virginia)

Judith Wolfe (University of St Andrews)

Paul Fiddes (University of Oxford)

The question of the relation between love, religion, and God is a central concern for both atheists and theists; and philosophers, theologians, and scientists have drawn interesting and sometimes conflicting conclusions about the nature of this relation and of the things related in this context. Can love be understood in the absence of God? Is love one thing or many things? And what is the relation between love and desire, or love and redemption? How are we to assess Nietzsche’s critique of Christian love? What is the role and value of love in non-theistic religious traditions? And in what sense, if any, should we accept that love is deeply mysterious?


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Final Schedule for the Conference
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