The British Society for the Philosophy of Religion

Registered charity 1027548

The British Society for the Philosophy of Religion (registered charity 1027548) was founded in 1993 and is the UK’s main forum for the interchange of ideas in the philosophy of religion. The Society has, since 1995, held a biennial conference in Britain, devoted to a particular area of the subject.

The BSPR's tenth conference, on Atheisms, was held at Oriel College, Oxford University, in September 2013; speakers at the plenary sessions included Pamela Sue Anderson, Stephen R. L. Clark, Robin Le Poidevin and Michael McGhee. The BSPR’s eleventh conference, on Divine Hiddenness, will be held in Oxford in September 2015.

The BSPR is also affiliated to the European Society for the Philosophy of Religion which holds a biennial conference in years alternating with the BSPR’s conference.

The programme of events for the Society is decided at the General Meeting held at the Biennial Conference. The planning of the programme is in the hands of the Committee, consisting currently of Professor Sarah Coakley (President), Professor Stephen R. L. Clark (former President), Dr. Victoria Harrison (Honrary Secretary), Dr. William Wood (Honorary Treasurer), and other Committee Members. For full details of the Committee and Council of the Society, click here. To view the full Constitution of the BSPR, click here.